50D has leapfrogged D300, not to mention D90

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Re: Please explain

What you really want to know is what makes a "Fanboy" a "Fanboy", and I must say I am really interested as well.

Fred Ferkel wrote:

Please explain this to me, I'm really curious. Why does the perceived
fact, that the 50D has leapfrogged the D300, entice you to such a
joyous outbreak? You remind me of someone whose daughter has been
given a Harvard scholarship, or has won big money in the lottery or
is about to go on a date with Jessica Alba.

Really, why do you and others on dpreview care so much about the
success of the company that makes your camera??? Do you all hold 20%
of all Canon stock or are you all in Nikon management and your salary
is based on the company's profit? Or is your own life so devoid of
success that a camera brand has to achieve it for you??? I don't
really understand fanatic fans of sports clubs but fans of camera
brands??? Holy moly. Please explain.

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