50D has leapfrogged D300, not to mention D90

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Re: translation from swedish photographer

mathias wrote:


The swedish photographer states the following:

"När det i alla fall gäller stillastående motiv är min bedömning att
EOS 50D har världens troligen hittills snabbaste autofokus. "

and it translates into:

"When it comes to static (non moving) objects, my assesment is that
the EOS 50D probably has the fastest AF so far."

Probably the Digic IV which is faster.

Ok that can make sense. Now the real question is will it be fast AND accurate and how will it perform in AI servo tracking.

If all AF sensor are now cross type, does it mean that we won't be able to AF at all with F8 combo like the 400mm F5.6 L and a tamron 1.4x?

this is scary because usualy the center cross type sensor does not allow much AF with that combo. At least it was the case with the 40D, so if that's all now cross type.. hmmm..

I hope that someone will try that combo for AF with the 50D soon and then we'll know.

He also tries AI servo on birds and concludes that even with all
focuspoints activated the 50D does a good job although he recommends
(which also applies to the 1-series) to use centerpoint when shooting

problems arize when the subject fall in between the AF points. There is just too much gap in there for a good AF track of a bird coming in my direction unless the bird is close enough to fill a good part of the frame. At that point, the bird is nearly on me..so that does not leave me much time to adjust.

Another thing that I have noticed is that if the bird suddendly change its speed, like stop to get a prey and then resume flipping and flight, the D300 manages to update its predictive AF a bit better than the 40D does.

So with the D300 it was easier to get those shot where the bird would suddendly slow down to snatch a prey. The 40D was pretty good at following the subject coming quite fast, but at a constant speed.

I guess with more AF point and less gap, that would be much better.

Hope this helps.


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