50D has leapfrogged D300, not to mention D90

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Re: Swedish nature photog says 50D AF fastest

slipstream wrote:

I seriously doubt that the 40D is faster than the 1D serie though.

I guess you meant 40D because 50D is not out yet.

Nope it was 50D the guy was one of the testers. But I doubt it is
faster than a 1D anyway.

logic tell me that if the D90 has 11 points of AF..at least the 50D
should have 11 too.

Nope since the D90 has only 1 cross AF point and the 50D has 9.
Having 9 cross is clearly the better way to go.

if cross type are better, then why is it always the point that give much more problem with AF at F8? I came to doubt that cross type in AF with time. I realized that other points are much more efficient at acquiring the AF with my 400mm F5.6 L and a 1.4x TC than the center point, which makes me think that the cross type is not so desirable after all.

Lets face it, if it was so much better than getting AF lock on the center point at F8 would be easier than with the other non cross type but it is not..why?

Logic tell me that wihtout a good AF system a camera is worthless.

Correct but apart from some Oly's nobody has worthless AF anymore.

Well...It is kind of worthless to try to capture a small swallow in flight with the 40D because the bird is small, fast and it slip through the huge gap of the 9 points layout of the 40D.

It's not worthless for everything but it is worthless for a few things.

with the D300 I can start my tracking much farther away than what I can do with the 40D just because of that layout.

the D300 pack the AF point where they are most useful, more concentrated in the center area and thus more efficient at holding the target if it is small.

so I am not expecting 45 points or so, but at least something more
decent than 9 or with a better layout so there are none of those huge
gaps between the AF points. It does not take much for the servo to
lose a target that is a bird as the only real big part that you see
from a bird coming at you is the head..the rest is basicaly just 2
narrow wings.

Of course you are right here but this is only valid for you and very
subjective. Somebody else will prefer this layout to the one of the
D90. This comes down to what and how you photograph.

It's not only valid for me but it is also valid for anyone trying to do the same as I do. Trying to get a good tracking on a small subject that is moving.

the way it is right now one must stick to larger subjects to make sure that at least one point remains on the subject at all time, or the camera will just lose tracking.

The norther hawk owl was a real challenge to get with the 40D because
we both know hwo small and how fast it is.

Well I don't know but I believe you and I can even guarantee you that
I would probably not even get part of this bird in the picture seeing
my attempts at bird photography

with a 1D you could because its layout cover the subject much better.

The advantage of the 1D is not only it's AF speed but much more its AF layout I think.

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