50D has leapfrogged D300, not to mention D90

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El Taino wrote:

Daniella wrote:

that does not prove much though. The DOF looks huge in your shots
and a machine like that is going with a steady speed. Easy for ANY
dslr, including the XT.

Daniella, I respectfully disagree,
I don't think I would have got these shot as easy with my CAM 1000
D200. I didn't say they are imposible to get with even a dinosaur
D100 @ 3FPS. I would have had to work harder to achive the same
that's it.

I am not saying that those are easy to get shots with a point and shoot but with a decent DSLR they are not hard to get, even with a consumer grade DSLR.

shooting at 200mm to 80mm at F8 produce a really big depht of field that can hide many small focusing error or any lag on the AF.

Downsizing the images and a soft image can look tack sharp. here is one exemple of a shot which has loads of motion blur..but it does not show because it was downsized to web size.

I wanted to throw away that shot but kept it to illustrate how a not so sharp shot can look pretty sharp once downsized:

what I am saying is that in order to use photographs to prove AF performance, one must use a small enough dept of field so that critical AF is visible, and posting 100% crop also help proving the point.

No CAM 3500 from Nikon or any new AF system from Canon

is going to do it all. It needs our assitance.

assistance? It either manages to track or not. Often this translate into a few frame that are out of focus out of a serie. It was like that for both the D300 and the 40D.

and what's the exif on them? what F number? what focal? they seem
to have huge DOF.

EXIF is on the shots, F/8 all across the range from 80 to 200mm.

voila. At that higher aperture and low focal, you get such huge DOF that if you had any misfocusing in your tracking it would be covered by the dept of the focus.

I am not saying that your photos are out of focus but that it is nearly impossible to see if there were AF mistake in those shots.

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