50D has leapfrogged D300, not to mention D90

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Re: I am a very nice person.....

Daniella wrote:

that does not prove much though. The DOF looks huge in your shots
and a machine like that is going with a steady speed. Easy for ANY
dslr, including the XT.

Daniella, I respectfully disagree,

I don't think I would have got these shot as easy with my CAM 1000 D200. I didn't say they are imposible to get with even a dinosaur D100 @ 3FPS. I would have had to work harder to achive the same that's it.

Try doing a bird in fligth doing erratic motion and coming fast
straight at you. Then you can tell me if 51 points is fast enough

It's good that you have a lot of time to plan your shots. That's not
the case for shooting wildlife.

Not my forte but I've tried with my D200 and it is doable.
Sigma 300mm F/2.8 + 1.4X TC.

With the D300 it might be even a lot easier

well, depends what you do.

A lot of different things for a living with a camera. I try to get the most out of what I have available.

Talking about erratic and filling the frame:

again this is depending on the subject. I had out of focus shots
that were totaly impossible to explain as the subject was filling the
frame. This happen with either the Canon or the Nikon.

To me photography is about filling the frame as much as I can to avoid further crops as much as I can. Filling the frame with a big snowmobile and filling the frame with a tiny bird to me is pretty much the same. No CAM 3500 from Nikon or any new AF system from Canon is going to do it all. It needs our assitance.

and what's the exif on them? what F number? what focal? they seem
to have huge DOF.

EXIF is on the shots, F/8 all across the range from 80 to 200mm. The camera focus was very steady when shooting while zooming, and it was on focus priority. No focus, no picture.

Nice talking to you, pardon my English, I love your work!



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