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On knowing the price of everything...

... and the value of nothing.

For those couples to whom photography is important, who select a photographer accordingly and want to achieve certain ends with their photo coverage (whether that be a simple 'who was there' or an artistic interpretation) a meeting in person is preferable to any other means of discovering whether the necessary connection is there. I have passed on some clients for these reasons, and some clients pass on our services for reasons of price or interpretation. It's the nature of the business.

These days, people do much prospecting on the net, and a courteous reply to an email has a much better chance of yielding something productive. We would reply that "We have ranges, from $A to B, C to D, E to F in place as well as the ability to customize based upon service and product needs. Please arrange to stop in if possible, or call for a long talk." We have a first response form letter that is customized according to what's provided in these cases. It takes little of our time and is not readily identifiable as a form.

While the only thing one truly needs for a legitimate wedding is a couple and an officiant, Ian is perfectly correct. Good photography is a thing of value. Photography is intimate, subjective, completely future based and, for a wedding, requires a greater degree of trust than almost anything a couple will do that day besides their choice of mate - another rather future based decision.

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