50D has leapfrogged D300, not to mention D90

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Re: Swedish nature photog says 50D AF fastest

Justme wrote:

Daniella wrote:

I am very disapointed that Canon did not upgrade for a better AF.
Honestly 9 points really suck.

The space between the points and the layout make for a difficult
tracking in AI servo of a smaller subject.

It is ok for larger subjects so when I do snowy owls in flight I have
to wait until the bird is big enough in the frame to start tracking.
This is a serious disadvantage as I need to start tracking when the
bird is pretty close and they are coming in fast!

Couldn't agree more. The Hawk Owl is an example. That guy is FAST.
I like to track it when it is far away and usually the Ai-Servo
doesn't kick in well until it starts to get close and by then it's
catch-up for the Ai-Servo.

But keep this in mind. If you check earlier threads, some Swedish
nature photographer tested the 50D and said the AF was probably the
fastest he's seen, even better than his 1D series camera.

I seriously doubt that the 40D is faster than the 1D serie though.

I guess you meant 40D because 50D is not out yet.

Whoa, that is a big and bold statement to make. Red flags go up for
me. What exactly does he mean fast AF??? Fast and accurate? Fast
initial acquisition?

and also it depends with what lens. with the 80-200 F2.8 L the 40D is far from fast in a burst.

With all the talk about the high ISO quality, people who have read or
not read the quick review by that Swedish nature photographer are
forgetting about the AF mentioned in same review.

Logic and economics would tell me that I shouldn't expect 1D series
AF performance in a $1,500 camera with only 1 processor, even if it's
the new DIGIC 4. So, I can't wait to see some tests from others
about the AF on the new 50D. Better yest, I'd like to test it myself

logic tell me that if the D90 has 11 points of AF..at least the 50D should have 11 too.

Logic tell me that wihtout a good AF system a camera is worthless.

so I am not expecting 45 points or so, but at least something more decent than 9 or with a better layout so there are none of those huge gaps between the AF points. It does not take much for the servo to lose a target that is a bird as the only real big part that you see from a bird coming at you is the head..the rest is basicaly just 2 narrow wings.

The norther hawk owl was a real challenge to get with the 40D because we both know hwo small and how fast it is.

with more points or a closer layout between them, I could track
smaller birds in flight and right now it is a real pain to do.

the D300 has a much much better AF system in the layout and
functionality. It is too bad because the 40D has excellent AF when
it track the subject large enough in the frame..it is just too
limitating as it is.

even the D90 will be 11 points.. wow those Canon 9 points really
start to look bad bad bad.

snappey wrote:

Looking at the feature list, sensor and introductory price, it looks
to me like Canon has just leapfrogged the D300 with the 50D.

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