50D has leapfrogged D300, not to mention D90

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Re: 51 pt AF samples

well it is in deed slower with 51 points. We switched to 21 and it was much better, at least for doing fast moving birds in flight.

It's hard to juge if the AF was tack on in your web size pics though. It's a bit pointless to post resized pics to show AF accuracy as there could be a good lag and you would not see it.

Also noticed with both 40D and D300 is that some photos in a serie might be sharp with a few in between that are soft.

This happen with both Canon and Nikon cameras. I do much prefer the AF system of the D300 though because I hate the gap that the Canon 9 points has.

After shooting with both cameras though, I find I get the same amount of keepers from either cameras, but with the Canon I have to wait until the bird is much closer so that is a problem.

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