Stop blaming dpreview

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Re: Stop blaming dpreview

natureman wrote:

amd wrote:

natureman wrote:

Andy Westlake wrote:

Seriously, all I did was take the camera out and shoot some quick
initial samples, then post them as a gallery. They're not supposed to
be great art, just a set of pictures which give a flavour of the
camera's IQ. But judging by the reaction on this forum, that would
seem to be akin to a crime against humanity.

Yes, it seems that way, but it would probably be more accurately
described as a crime against the Canon fanboys.

I guess you are the sole source of credible information here.
Nobody would ever think you might have a slight tendency towards Nikon.

Actually, I have no tendency toward Nikon. I don't own a Nikon camera
and never have. I have a tendency toward reality.

I don't know if this is a cultural thing, or a personal. But I would be very careful to call my personal view "reality". Even reality is perceived differently out of different situations, need, cultures, emotions ...
I simply presume that you don't mean to be that arrogant.

Sorry if I missed one of your posts, but I have never ever seen any
post from you, that would be not pro Nikon and/or anti Canon!

Well, I guess you need to read more of my posts then.

aarrrghhh. Please please, don't punish me.

But I certainly agree with you that we should stop bashing Andy.
However I think it's partly your fault, as you are using his pre
production quick shots to claim as much rubbish, as some Canon fans
try to keep their hope alive that this Camera is the final anti Nikon

That's a strange way of looking at it. I guess you've never
understood the concept of standing up for something that is right, or
against something that is wrong.

I very much appreciate antithetic standpoints.
I also admire the standing to defend them.

However my perception is that you have a tendency of getting into fights with others way above average...

.. and this might rather have to do with your communication style than with your superior intelligence and willingness to die for the truth...

Sorry, this is getting personal and way off topic. But these postings about Canon rumours and announcements got way too Freudian long ago, just do a search for "natureman" in these forums ;-).

I'm also happy to admit that I have seen a small minority of interesting and constructive posts too

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