50D has leapfrogged D300, not to mention D90

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yep...missing the AF quality

I am very disapointed that Canon did not upgrade for a better AF. Honestly 9 points really suck.

The space between the points and the layout make for a difficult tracking in AI servo of a smaller subject.

It is ok for larger subjects so when I do snowy owls in flight I have to wait until the bird is big enough in the frame to start tracking. This is a serious disadvantage as I need to start tracking when the bird is pretty close and they are coming in fast!

with more points or a closer layout between them, I could track smaller birds in flight and right now it is a real pain to do.

the D300 has a much much better AF system in the layout and functionality. It is too bad because the 40D has excellent AF when it track the subject large enough in the frame..it is just too limitating as it is.

even the D90 will be 11 points.. wow those Canon 9 points really start to look bad bad bad.

snappey wrote:

Looking at the feature list, sensor and introductory price, it looks
to me like Canon has just leapfrogged the D300 with the 50D.

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