50D has leapfrogged D300, not to mention D90

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Depends on what you are using it for

The 50D sensor will probably be better than the D300s
The jpeg conversion probably is too.

Ultmately, in optimal conditions, the 50D's IQ will probably outperform that of the D300 at all ISO settings when scaled to the same resolution.

Canon will never accept being overtaken in that department by sony/Nkon and chancers are that we are in for a few supprises of things to come from their sensor development engeneers.

The two main reasons I still prefer my D300 (apart from the fact that I just nvested in a couple of new lensens) are

  • AF frame coverage is superb and AF flexibility exactely matches my requirements

  • I clearly prefer the exposure meter of the D300 (Unless the 50D has a substantially different metering from the 40D and 30D, but I seriously doubt it)

Either way, the 50D looks like a great camera once again and canon users can be glad with such a nice addition to the already incredibly impressive EOS DSLR range.

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