50D has leapfrogged D300, not to mention D90

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Re: 51 pt AF samples

PerL wrote:

SmokinMan wrote:

Correct...dont know what are those fanboy so proud of the 51 point AF
of the 300D. It is well known by now that the 51 point AF on the 300D
just look good on paper. No power to operate all the points. It is
crippled(they like to say about this to Canon)

Dont want to participate too much in these discussions which tend to
go out of hand but here are some samples of 51 pt AF-C dynamic with a
D300 for those who thinks it doesnt work or is "painfullly slow" as
some claimed.

Decent pics OK, but nothing I see I could not do with my 7-point AF (350D) or 9-point AF (30D upgraded recently to 40D) cameras. Not dog shots, but many sport and very many soccer pics taken.

BTW the swedish bird photographer pro Brutus Östling who tested the
AF of the 50D was very impressed with it, so its probably very good.

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