50D has leapfrogged D300, not to mention D90

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Re: you got to be kidding

jagge wrote:

snappey wrote:

Looking at the feature list, sensor and introductory price, it looks
to me like Canon has just leapfrogged the D300 with the 50D.


It seems you insist on making a fool out of your self. Now if you
where a bit neutral and objective its very difficult to state that
the 50D leapfrogged the D300. Sorry but that statement just goes to
show that you dont really know what you are talking about.

The AF engine in the D300 is a fully pro system with 51 focus points,
the same AF engine as in the D3. The D300 is a fully pro cam, the 50D
can offcourse be used for pro use, but the camera itself is more
prosumer than pro.

Just because you own a D300 doesn't make it a "PRO" camera because you WANT it to be one. It IS a Prosumer model. For us 40D owners, having a Prosumer model isn't a put-down, we don't need the label that you seem to so DESPERATELY need.

The last time a true PRO model costed less than $2000 was back in the film days. PERIOD, fact, end of case. If you paid less than $2K for your body, the manufacturer of that body doesn't consider it a PRO body sale. No matter how much you want the bragging rights of having a Pro body cam, you haven't paid enough or bought one.

The 51 AF-point story has been beaten to death... can we bury the sucker already? Prove to us you know how to efficiently use more than the center one and I'll tell you you're right. You can't and won't... period... so drop it fanboy.

There is no doubt that on IQ alone the 50D will rival the D300, maybe
even have a bit higher resolution, but your "leapfrog" statement
clearly shows that you have no idea that there is more to a camera
than that.

It will be a very capable cam but leapfrogging. A statement like that
is very typical for posters who try to fit into the brand group,
searching for friends and allies.


Last year the Nikon camp was squawking that the D300 leapfrogged the D30/D40. Now the shoe is on the other foot. Get over it.


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