50D has leapfrogged D300, not to mention D90

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Re: Missing only 51/45 point AF. (nt)

Many missing features the D300 has. If these features are menaingless to your eeds then it's a wash there but for others it means something. Ability to AF at F8, tracking sensitivity settings via custom functions, more AF sensors at least near the center that can be grouped together to aid with AI Servo. Even a REAL AF assit light like the D300 has versus the tesla coil AF stobe light assist the XXD's keep employing. A true spot meter, ability to assign the spot to the active AF point, an expanding auto bracketing, etc to nam eoa few.

This is NOT to bash any of the XXD bodies but to say the 50D has gone past the D300 is a very subjective statement. From a sensor viewpoint it may well have.. time and more samples will dictate that. From a body feature list it certainly has NOT. Just have to keep this real. A D300 using the 50D's sensor and Canon mount would be just grand... add Canon's ergonomics even better ( for me ).

Getting rid of the direct print button.. priceless, not to mention the rather amateurish new Auto Creative selection.. I'd love to see the basic zones entirely deleted.. one basic automatic/P mode should be sufficient for a camera body in this price range. My 3 pennies.. valid for me but obviously not for everyone and none of us will get everything we want
Please forgive the typos! A great speller I am, a great typist I am not!

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