A challenge for Nikon users

Started Aug 25, 2008 | Discussions thread
Ralph Ramirez Veteran Member • Posts: 7,056
Late attempt...........

Ben_D wrote:

...or for anyone interested in working from a .NEF file:

I'd like to see if anyone can redeem this image. The sky appears
blown, but I think it may be recoverable from the raw data. On top
of that, there are several different regions that seem to need
individual processing.

The NEF is available here:

I'm curious to see what the experts here can pull out of this. I'll
post my own best attempt in a separate response.

This would have been a good candidate for bracketing and maybe HDR
processing, but I didn't have my tripod handy, and didn't have much
time at this location either.

Used 3 separate Smart Objects using ACR, one for foreground, 1 for mountains and 1 for sky. Masked out unwanted areas and this is what I came up with........

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