Report from an anxious 450D new owner.

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Jim Engel Forum Member • Posts: 66
Report from an anxious 450D new owner.

After hesatating for a couple of months, partially
from uncertainty and doubt caused by all of the
focus problems mentioned here, I purchased the 450D.

With a little concern, perhaps I had one of the
"Bad" ones, I went out to take a few test photos.

When you look for something hard enough you
tend to find it, and sure enough I came up with
a couple of seriously out of focus shots. And then
of course everything seemed bad, or at least suspect.

But when I loaded them into my computer and went
right to the suspect shots, they were indeed badly
out of focus.

BUT, the center focus point was on the steel end
panal of my barn a hundred yards away and at the
300 mm end of my zoom lens.

OK, I know when you focus on the sky, all the camera
can do is hunt.

And it says in the manual, many of the posts here
and other places that the automatic focus can
not work well if there is no texture. The steel
panals have vertical ribs, so there is little variation
in either direction.

So my conclusion is that what I am seeing is a natural
limitation of a pretty good mechanism, one that nobody
ever said is perfect; that is why you can switch to
manual focus.

Or switch to use the nine auto focus points.

Or to point the center focus spot at something
with an edge or texture.

Now perhaps I have a "bad" example and am just not
smart enough to see it, but my impression after looking
at twenty or thirty shots in detail is that I can not see
any problems that do not have an explanation.

Also, when you look at the raw file versions of a lot
of the photos you find very little sharpening, and that
some photos, particularly portraits, can be greatly
improved with a small amount of sharpening.

I am not writing this to start up the focus problem wars
again, and I have no doubt that lots of you people have
much more experience and knowledge than I do.

But my general impression based on these initial tests, and
my background with my two year old 350D, is that this
is a pretty nice camera.

Sure, there is no getting around the fact that if you want
to take advantage of the potential there is a lot to learn
and it will take a lot of effort and experience.

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