Canon 50 1.4 / Sigma 50mm 1.4 / Canon 50mm 1.2L comparison

Started Aug 31, 2008 | Discussions thread
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Re: Its a great lens, whether Sean Reid says so or not

I will get back to the 50L again but not because it might become my favourite lens. Its because the Sigma and the 50 1.4 by Canon are lacking more than I thought. I sold my 50L thinking I might as well get the Sigma later looking at the tests on the web. It seemed to me the Sigma would outperform the 50L considerably. So I sold it and for now I bought the 35 and 85L. I have come to the decision to get the 50L later when my budget allows and will not get the Sigma or the 1.4 by Canon instead.

My favourite prime is the 35L which is truly better wide open than the 50L. Then its my 135L and then the 85L. The 50L will be a lens I use but not in favour of my other primes other than that I need the focal length. I have used the 50L for a month or so and the results where very good but I was expecting a little more, lets say as much as I am getting now from my amazing 35L. I do not think the 50L will ever be as amazing.

I am on a budget otherwise I would not have bothered to return the 50L, my 50L had also no focus problems.

As far as Sean his review is concerned, I do like the way he puts the 50L in perspective in relation to the other options. Not just to advertise his reviews but for me personally I desperately needed a review like his instead of the general sharpness discussions found here on DPreview and the various test charts.

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