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Re: DNG 4.5 does not support the D700

Jeff Schewe wrote:

Iliah Borg wrote:

Using dcraw algorithms and constants as documentation makes ACR/LR raw format
decoding based on dcraw raw format decoding, no?

There's a big difference from using the decoding of a particular
maker note that Dave may have already done and using Dave's

Decoding of raw formats in dcraw is in algorithms and constants. dcraw code has very few comments and no separate documentation.

Why don't YOU ask Dave what Adobe has or has not done?

I was talking to -Z- - or -Z- was talking to me. -Z- should know better what they have or have not done. He actually answered, saying the relevant part is "use dcraw.c as the documentation that camera makers refuse to provide". End of story.

The fact is, if you ask Dave, Dcraw has also benefited form being
able to take advantage of DNG profiles

I know too well that dcraw is using Adobe profiles.

You are not listing the cases when ACR/LR included camera raw format
support before that support was provided in dcraw, release or beta.

And why should he? Just to address your idle curiosity?

Nope, to prove his point - if he cares so

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