What would you use the D90 video for?

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Re: What would you use the D90 video for?

Clips of my 2 boys being little boys. I have a box full of MiniDV tapes I never pull out because of the effort it will take to convert, clip and make them viewable by a sane person. Hundreds and hundreds of hours.

I grew up in a family that took super8 movies of family events. There was only a couple minutes per movie roll so Mom would always be judicious with the clips she took. None of this "hit record for 90 min and select the good stuff later." It's been 7 years and I still haven't found "later"

For me, I think this will give me better quality clips with the option to grab good stills if I need. I can combine multiple ones to create faster paced yearly family movies later on. Even I don't want to watch a 90 min soccer game of my son. But a few 20-50 second clips. You bet!

I think people that use it like that will be happier with more short clips than fewer long ones that you have to wade through. ( sorry, I need to learn how to write shorter answers"


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