D300 no F'ing AF today!!!

Started Aug 31, 2008 | Discussions thread
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D300 no F'ing AF today!!!

Well, I whipped my D300 out of my camera bag today for a few candid shots and whaddaya know? No AF!

Ok. This is not new to me as it's happened before on rare occasions. I know now by instinct that I need to jiggle the focusing ring a little and AF usually comes back. Well, guess what! No such luck!!

So I checked the focusing switch and it was at AF-Single. Ok. So I moved it to M and then back to AF-Single and still not AF, Switched it to AF-Continuous and no AF.

Next I removed the lens, cleaned the contacts... and by now the candid moments are long gone. I removed the battery, counted to 10 and put it back and still No AF!!!

Oh wait! There's a switch on the side of the 18-200VR for A/M focus as well. Surely I must have accidentally switched it to M. Hey but no, it's on Auto! So I switched it from auto to manual and back to auto again and guess what? No phreakin AF!!!

Ok. I give up and went for full manual focus. I left all the settings in AF mode but just manually focused. Having never manual focused a camera since my Nikon FM2, 90% of my pictures were badly focused.

Oh well, maybe i'll send the camera back to Nikon on monday then.

30 minutes later I took the camera back out again and took some pictures using the manual focusing ring and just like the good old days was getting better at manual focusing after a couple of dozen shots or so when suddenly as I pressed the shutter button to take a picture the camera hesitated for a moment, then the AF assist light came on and the camera phreakin AFed again!!!

What the heck just happened??? How can I trust my D300 again after all this? Has this happened to you?

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