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out far too frequently ? Yes new features etc are exciting but every
new camera pushes down the value of your existing investment.

The only way I see a camera as an investment is as a tool to do my Job and last years model does just fine a great investment too as good ones like the 1 series get run til they drop or are holding me back - in the end, they've more than paid for themselves as well as put food on the table so anything got when sold is a bonus ! .

state of the art radio(I'm an amateur radio ham) a superb bit of kit
Imagine my horror to read a review inside of the upgrade to the radio
that I had just purchased and not even unpacked?

Never had that syndrome either Dave - I was too busy soldering in Mutek boards into deaf Mk1 FT290 & 790s, de-restricting old Icom 211Hs , fixing half dead but cheap FT711s and 708s and Hacking FT707s .. never saw a new rig and never will I guess.

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