New 5Ds already released to media

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New 5Ds already released to media

Production units of the 5D replacement have already been shipped to some long-lead media outlets under an NDA so they can get their reviews lined-up for the day the embargo comes off.

I got this from a pro-photo source friend in central London, the same that told me the D3 was in final testing last June, two months before the unveil.

I know this tip will seriously anger many people here, but believe me the original source was taking from first-hand, hands-on knowledge.

Like you, I'm waiting with money in the bank. But it can't be more than 3 weeks now and could be even sooner. (My guess, by the way).

I work in editorial, in London on an international magazine, if that's any help with credibility.

The 24mpix Sony has also been released to long-lead outlets, he said. No sign of the rumoured 24mpx Nikon, though.

Incidentally, the source also speculated - from his contact with the camera makers - that within 2 years all new-gen DLSRs will have video recording.

The source says that there's some speculation the industry that this Beijing Olympics will be the last covered by single-frame photography. By the time of London 2012, the 'photographers' will be shooting HD sequences, from which picture editors will take the best 'grabs'.

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