D-60 Major Problem! I might know why you can't get them!

Started Jun 24, 2002 | Discussions thread
Jay Bean Veteran Member • Posts: 3,661

If it were just Program Mode exposure then

a) they would put an engineering team on it night-n-day to fix it, and

b) they would not hold up production since it could be fixed in firmware.

There are in all liklihood two things holding up the D60:

a) Manufacturing yield and availability of the CMOS sensor. It is very common to see early low yields in electronics. You see this in memory chips, LCD screens, processor chips, etc., etc., Dense CMOS and CCD chips are no different.

b) Raw demand. Canon priced the D60 at a very market attractive price point. Demand is incredibly high. This is very similar to what happens when Sony or Microsoft comes came out with the playstation and X-Box.

Frank Harrison wrote:

I have a D-60 and it's awesome! However in Program is is horrible!
I find the exposure is under by 2 STOPS even with the 550EX! I
have heard the same thing from a employee at Wynitt. I think there
is a problem with the exposure setting and Canon is scrambling to
fix it. I mean really does it take so long to build a camera these
days???? They aren't put together by hand you know.


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