Which Canon EOS will be the first to have Video?

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Re: Which Canon EOS will be the first to have Video?

.....Probably not, because this camera appeals to professional
photogrphers, who would much rather not waste time shooting amateur

So I've tried to stay out of the video debate, but re: the above quote I wouldn't be so quick to judge -- there's a large thread on sportsshooter.com about the D90 and the video capabilty, and the reaction seems quite favorable. An example post: "-> > Looks promising. Can't wait for the pixels to go up on the video end and then we'll have a two-in-one tool that feels right to begin with. Talk about the mobile journalist who could do it all." Keep in mind most of these guys are working PJ's and many very well known as well.

For myself, I don't see why people have such an issue w/ video included on a DSLR. As long as it doesn't degrade the still capabilities of the camera in any way, what's the harm? P&S's have had this for YEARS w/ no detrimental effects to IQ. You simply don't have to use it if you don't want to, end of story. I know for me, I use it rarely, but the wife does take short vids of the rugrat from time to time, and they are enjoyable, so I see no problem in at least having it available.

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