Which Canon EOS will be the first to have Video?

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Re: Which Canon EOS will be the first to have Video?

desmondism wrote:

I'm an amateur Nikon user, and have been since I sold my EOS 300D to
get the D70s. I've held on to it to this day, and will buy Nikon in
the future.

I think the video feature (720p HD, 24 fps) of the new D90 is
promising, but there's a lot of room for improvement. However, even
though I have close to zero video experience, I still think there's a
lot of creativity that can be served by having a DSLR — and it's
variety of lens choices — that has video capability, even one without
AF or a faster frame rate. Personally, I've been thinking of
upgrading since the D200 was announced, but haven't mainly because of
budget. It will eventually happen, though, and when it does, video
will be a feature I would like in my DLSR.

I think Canon will definitely come out with a DLSR with video
capability in the future, especially since it has more expertise in
it than Nikon does. I think many other manufacturers will have it in
their DLSRs as well (Sony would probably be an early adopter). Being
who they are, and what they are capable of, though, I think Canon is
best positioned (apart from Nikon, now) to have it in the next round
of models.

Video is pretty much a P&S camera feature. Lots of compacts with small sensors have it. So, all DSLR camera makers are familiar with this feature. If the D90 proves popular, look for many new DSLR cameras introduced in the future to have it.

For sake of discussion, I'd just like to know which EOS line you
think will first introduce video. Would it be the EOS xxD, xxxD, or
xxxxD? EOS xD, perhaps? Also, do you think it would come in the next
round of refreshes? I certainly think so. I think Nikon will have it
in the successor to the D300, as well as in the pro-grade models,
much like Live View is in all the newest models.

It is hard to say. Some see it as a gimmick, but some see it as a gift. The next camera to be announced will likely be the 5DMKII. It may or may not have video, we simply don't know. Then the 1D MKIII is probably due for replacement next year. Will it have video? Probably not, because this camera appeals to professional photogrphers, who would much rather not waste time shooting amateur videos. Since the 50D has just been announced, we may see video in the replacement for the 450D, perhaps by the fall of 09. Personally I think GPS connectivity is more important than video, although the Nikon D90 has both.

I think the EOS 500D (if that's what the successor to the 450D is
called) would... no, should... have video. I also think Canon will
have a much better implementation of this than the D90 does (I'm
thinking stereo audio, selectable frame rates, more resolution
options, maybe AF, and longer clips).

Sorry if I'm posting this in a Canon forum... I don't intend to start
a war or anything. I just think the D90 is an exciting development
for Canon users. Regardless of what some people think, the video
capability of the D90 will be a hit, and Canon will definitely want
to have a piece of the action. One really wonders why they don't have
it yet. I'm thinking they've been developing something ever since (or
even before) Live View was introduced in their cameras. It just so
happens Nikon came out with a video-capable DLSR first.

I honestly can't wait to see what people will begin to put up on
their sites, and all the different ideas and views they'll bring into
their photography/videography/media... Imagine what a guy with a
variety of lenses can do with a video-capable DSLR and go to a shoot
and come back with many different perspectives, both photo and video,
of a subject. Even just the thought of a fisheye and a macro lens
used for photos and videos would surely give viewers a new
experience. An imagine the satisfaction of creating with them...

What do you think?


One thing about D90 video is that there is no built-in shake reduction, unlike camcorders. Of course one can use IS lenses (VR in Nikon lingo) but those are not very common.

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