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used Kodak printers for 5 years now...


I'm not certain what printer you saw, but I have been using a pair of Kodak 8500 printers for a number of years now. These printers came out just before the Kodak 1400 printer. Both printers, though, are dye-sublimation printers and do not use ink, but rather ribbons to produce color.

Believe it or not, nothing is cheaper than bringing your prints to the local printers to get 4x6 prints for under 25 cents. You just have to find one that cares a little. We've had good luck at our local CVS and Wegmans [food store]. They come out wonderful. I think I pay 15cents each.

For prints larger than this, Kodak simply isn't a big name in the printer business, although by rights, they should own this market...But Kodak's marketing issues could be a thread altogether.

The 3 big name ink-jet printers will be HP, Epson, and Canon. All three make inexpensive printers $300 and under, that produce better prints than you could have gotten 10 years ago for thousands of dollars.

What's the catch? You'll have to learn how to color correct properly...to a degree, get your monitor calibrated to match your printer output [with respect to color] and be prepared to spend more than you thought. Yes, you'll be printing a lot more than you would buy prints, but you'll also be paying for the mistakes.

There is nothing like seeing a great image come out of your printer as a wonderful print. The range of usable papers will depend much on the type of printer you choose, but will most likely be more varied than you can get by having a company produce them. But, don't go into it to 'save' money. You won't.

Good luck.

I've found life just doesn't fit in 1 camera or manufacturer vision.

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