Which Canon EOS will be the first to have Video?

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Re: Which Canon EOS will be the first to have Video?

I am not sure which one will be the first - probably it will be in the XXXD line though. It is a feature that attracts consumers mostly, I would think.

In the long run I think we will likely see a new line of hybrid video/still cameras. I would think that the current line of still cameras will continue to exist, perhaps some will have simple but not very optimized video capabilities. This will be the line of cameras that most readers of this forum would be interested in.

In addition, I think we will see a new line of video cameras that take EF/EF-S lenses, but builds on a new form factor that is more similar to current video cameras. These cameras will be as much video cameras as still cameras, if not more There are several reasons for this.

The first is technical and practical. Video in high resolutions needs more storage space. A mirror mechanism serves no purpose for a video camera. With just LCD viewfinder, there is no need for a pentaprism. Autofocus must work differently because it must allow focus to change in other patterns. It needs good sound recording capabilities. And so on.

The second is that shooting video is something quite different from snapping pictures. I would think consumers are the ones that are most interested in doing both, while enthusiasts and professionals need better adapted equipment to perform well. And photo-interested amateurs with only shallow interest in video would prefer dedicated equipment for their specific interest.

I see the D90 as the first step in a long evolution of digital video cameras with interchangable lenses with this heritage. Right now no-one really knows what are the weak points with D90 video. But you can count on it being lacking in more fundamental ways than 9 point autofocus is worse than 11 point autofocus. D90 is historical because it is first. But in time its capabiliites will be seen as very rudamentary.

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