Which Canon EOS will be the first to have Video?

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Re: Which Canon EOS will be the first to have Video?

D_A_S wrote:

Sorry if I'm posting this in a Canon forum... I don't intend to start

Sure, troll on... you'll get some bites... such as mine.

Say what you will. I just want to know what people (other than you) think.

I honestly can't wait to see what people will begin to put up on
their sites, and all the different ideas and views they'll bring into

Really? Have you noticed that many P&S camers can do video? How's
that worked out for this exciting "new" medium?

With the lenses that those have...

What do you think?

Two things... one, you're trolling and two, I'm interested in
shooting STILL images and will be unhappy if Canon starts adding in
video features to their "prosumer" line since I feel it will detract
from development of things that would enhance the STILL photography

Time will tell what Canon thinks. Of course, you may not ever find a need to shoot video. Do you really think nobody else who uses DSLRs will try?

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-- Doug

Thanks for being so contributive.

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