Do Not Let the D90 Separate Friends

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ken burke Contributing Member • Posts: 526
Do Not Let the D90 Separate Friends

I am really astonished that some technical issue like Movie Mode on the new D90 would polarize people so. Some people are so angry about a technical issue that they have stooped to personal criticism and childish comments rather than defending issues on a technical basis.

The following offensive quotes come from the current thread “DSLR Purists Sicken Me”:

whining and complaining of all you "purists" and it's absolute rubbish
Get off your high horses
If that "sickens" you, skip the post and get off YOUR high horse
You are so ignorant and hypocritical you must be crazy
don't b1tch about it like schoolgirls

realization that the stupid people of the world appear to be gaining control even here
you will see those kinds of people everywhere
You read like a true senior citizen
"things have changed since the Hoover administration, Grandpa!"

you believe the senior citizens have nothing to contribute to our society? That's ageism
I will stop when you do
Yeah, for people with doo-doo for brains, that is.
The crotchety old guy has resorted to infantile words to sound younger
Weirdos like that larry guy are no different than the retarded Luddites
Ranting like a crazed nutjob against technological progress
nothing but kindergarten-reading-level chest-beating sessions
My @$$.
Your mind has less depth than a 1.4 lens
I'm bitter, upset, threateaned, any of that? Bullfeathers
I am right and you are wrong

You might visit your physician for your symptoms, or stop reading material that sickens you
What a dork
DSLR purist don't sicken me-- I find them funny
only conclusion is that it is time to leave DPR all together
Name-calling troll posts upset my stomach
And now dumb as a rock

Now, does this dialogue sound grown up? I think that we should try to get along together and deal with opposing views on a technical basis and not on a personal basis.

What disturbs me the most is that some of the idiots on this forum have the stupid opinion that the Movie Mode is justified on the D90. Unbelievable.


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