5D Mark II leak.

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It's the same rumour

It's the same rumour that's been circulating around various forums for about 3 weeks now. The original post gor flamed completely becuse of the (at the time) outrageous spec claimes. Since his "wild" 50D predictions were found to be 100% accurate, people sat up and listened to what the original poster said.
Hence these specs are now every where.

There's a few additional pointers too, the 1DsIII will massively drop in price with the announcement of the 5DII. The 1DsIII will be replcaed very soon (read April) with a 1DsIV. The 5DII will not be called a 3D/5D/6D/7D or anything with a mkII (the Mark i,II,III apparently is ralated to the Digic processer not the version number). The new 5DII will start a new naming convention which may carry over to the 1DsIII replacement.

Canon isn't worried about Nikon, it knows that it can easily surpass anything that Nikon can offer, although they have been surprised by their recent activity and cameras. It's Sony that Canon is worried about, it's a very simular company to Canon in terms of size, R&D capacity and marketing power.

2009 looks to be a very interesting year ahead!

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This looks promising:

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