This will put an END to all 50D vs 90D discussions

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This will put an END to all 50D vs 90D discussions

Video is an impressive move by Nikon, and they will sell a lot of these. What we are witnessing here is a lot of enthusiasm from people that were on the boarderline of buying their first dSLR, who finally decided to buy a dSLR after the video feature became available. Its one more added value that closed the deal for them.

So why is 50D better than the D90 to some, but not others?

Lets assume that what Canon is proclaiming is true and it can give you the best image quality today, most noticably in the high ISO ranges and offer less noise. How much better? A figure being thrown around is that it'll be 1 and half stop better when it comes to noise at ISO 3200. If it can do that, it'll be an impressive feat. ISO 3200 would look more noise free than ISO 1600 on the 40D.

Lets also assume the D90's ISO 3200, although is no slouch, is not good as Canon. To a person who doesn't own a dSLR yet who has interest in both photography and shooting video, it is still a camera that gives you almost as good image quality, and plus they get video.

In contrast, people who have already bought a dSLR never needed nothing more than the ability to take photographs to push us over into buying a dSLR. We bought it to take pictures because photography was a big enough hobby to spend a serious amount of money on (for just pictures). It is such a big hobby that each of us have spent a good deal of money already into this hobby. Ability to shoot video was never factored into the equation.

We know the people that like the D90 video features love the feature, but do current dSLR owners? Shooting video is a hobby on its own. While some of the semantics translate over, I bet if you asked a random sample of people how interested they would be interested in owning some high tech video recording equipment, the percentage would be roughly the same if you asked a random sample of users in the dpreview forums. Remember current dSLR owners bought their camera because photography was a major hobby. Video may or may not be a hobby.

People that had interest to shooting video are all speaking out about the new ability to shoot with a dSLR. If they were deciding between Canon and Nikon, the video definitely sealed their fate. What they do not understand how we're willing to trade so little (one and half stop of less noise) for so much (video). Especially when the camera is cheaper. Again, all dSLR owners's major hobby is photography, may not necessarily have any interest in shooting video. And because of that any loss of IQ is not an option.

No one is going to win the 50D vs D90 arguments because we both benefit from the decisions we make.

Which one is a better dSLR? It depends on the user.

So, for the Nikon users who are eager to say that Nikon finally convinced you to make your decision and sorry Canon didn't make the cut, good for you. As for the Canon dSLR users who have a lot of interest in video, you can make the decision whether its worth switching (cost and possible loss of IQ/more noise) or wait for Canon to do video in the next model.

But please no more flame bait from soon to be Nikon owners. We know you're excited about the future purchase. It is the best camera for you at the moment. There is nothing to argue about.

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