The 50d AF is NOT the same as the 40d AF

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Not FM, RDKirk.

Rcihardc wrote:

JimH wrote:

But I believe that the data in that FM thread is completely accurate.

Fred who? you compare online Fred who forum to IEEE and patent links
Arash provided?

It is the research, expertise, and writing of RDKirk that I trust here.

That link I keep posting is just a good place to find that writing.

It's a very valuable "gem" of concisely written information about the subject.

Read it again here:

Note that Mr. Kirk states:

There are five main places this information comes from:

1. Canon's "Lens Work III" book (glossary, mostly)
2. Canon's latest application for a US patent on their autofocus system
Go to and enter patent # 6,603,929
3. Canon's pamphet on getting the most from EOS DSLRs
4. Canon Professional Services European web site FAQ
5. Lots of methodical observation and practice with the camera.

I believe every bit of what Mr. Kirk wrote there.

Do any of you have any information to dispute any of it? If so, please post it.

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Jim H.

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