10 reasons why Nikon is better then Canon DSLR's

Started Aug 28, 2008 | Discussions thread
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10 reasons why Nikon is better then Canon DSLR's

In no particular order.
10. Lower priced.
9. The colors "jump" at you. Canon colors are very dull. Needs more PP.
8. More cool features (aka D90 video mode).
7. Nikon glass, nuff said.
6. Higher quality then Canon (XSi/450D has AF focus problems)
5. Loyal fan base (nikoncafe.. etc..)
4. Better resale value (Go check out D40x prices, D2, D200.. etc..)
3. No silver color body options.
2. Attention grabbing yellow lettering on the neck strap (like a yellow Ferrari)
1. Better AF assist (Canon's have subject annoying flash strobe).

Anything else I missed?

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