Best quality/low expense lens for D700 (FX)

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Re: Never understood the "cheap" lens for travel concept

Excellent point. In fact, I had my 28 2.8 on the cam from last night. I saw a bird outside my porch, so I started to sneak towards the bird, because my camera was within 6' of the bird, on the table just inside the porch window. So I grabbed the camera, took a shot, and I got...a bird out of focus with black "foreground" i.e. my window frame and other miscellaneous things. By the time I reached for a 70-300 nearby, changed it up - the bird was gone.

As your default lens, I don't see why you should not have something like the 28-300 on your camera, all the time, by default. My 28 2.8 and 50 1.8 do miracles...but they're very specific tools for very specific situations, and having anything other than the most universal tool available right away is in my opinion a disaster waiting to happen.

millsart wrote:

I've tried the "travel" kit and came acrosss some once in a lifetime
shots that I wish I could of captured better

I've also carried a heavy bag around on vacation and yeah it is a bit
of a burden but whats the bigger regret ?

Missing a great shot or being a bit more worn out and sweaty at the
end of they day ?

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