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Flat view
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••• hold the press, CHALLENGE 57 RESULTS •••

I’m seriously short of time here, so I’ve had to throw this show together. I would like thank all entrants, and would love to have included more images with comments.

I’ll start with a few ‘highly commended’. This means shots which missed the idea (no doubt my fault in not making the intention clear enough) but are nice images which deserve a second showing.

In no particular order.

Undutchable - Got to like this one, its a great shot making good use of the right lens from the right place. It has a dramatic, almost surreal quality... but lacks contrast and emotion for the full oooomph value.

Sophie Zee - I like this image a lot. Not got much to do with oooomph, and doesn’t need to have. A tickle with highlight/shadow tool and straightening of the horizon would work wonders for it, a nice family moment worth a bit more work.

Alexring – glad you found time to reprocess this one. I’ll put you in the honourable mentions as I know this isn’t your best shot from your hols! Its a stunning location - the image is heavily weighted to the left, I wonder whether a slightly wider shot with more info on the right may have had better balance. I prefer this version, though the bench and person do seem a bit washed out here.

coldturkey1966 - I like the ooomph in the engine area, though isn’t continued throughout the image. It could be pp’d for more ooompy, and could produce a dramatic b&w.

Kathryne - wow, two shots in one challenge which could be called Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, though this one is maybe more of a Diamonds in the Sky with Lucy. Kathy - you’ve gone totally loop de loop with this one. Gotta like it - but no cigar!

TheronFamily - a non-typical shot from the man I’m starting to register as being non-typical having been typecast for so long. Nice one, just the slightest lift in contrast and detail would make a huge difference for me, but great atmosphere and mood as is. Crazy grey tinting on the border is the act of lunacy. One of my fave shots of the contest, but not really an ooomph image at present. Looks like it was taken with a D70 with a stocking over the lens. Incidentally, one of the best comments in film photography is to do with the use of stockings over lenses to add that olde worlde gritty feeling. Someone pointed out that most film makers no doubt use tights - but it sounds so much better to say stockings.

macman4942 - If the challenge were creepy, then this would be right up there. Needs more ooomphy contrast if it were to score higher here, but it does draw the viewer in.

Chosen_1 - A very likeable portrait, scores well for interpretation with nice high key lighting - but I wouldn’t call it an ooomph image, nor one which needs any ooomph to work.

ohdomino - What the hell is this doing in here. I think you need a couple of pointers... er, what can I say. Well, I am a bloke, it (they) did make me smile. Hope someone appreciates the way I've juxtaposed this with the next pic!

mesiga - a well handled portrait and thoughtful crop. Awful vignetting. It misses the mark in this challenge as I’m looking for a shot to kick me across the room, and I doubt any baby image is going to have that quality. Very nice shot.

deivID - A very nice shot too, well captured, but a little tight on the left. I don’t get an ooomph feeling from it, not moody enough, but still very nice. I should really have it in the next category. Never mind, its just a game.

littleredhead - now here’s an image I’d love to pp for more oooomph - those tones in the foreground, drama in the sky and stunning location. Its an image I’d comment on by saying - nice image, but a rather flat conversion which needs more oooomph. Could be stunning.

Flat view
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