Get 24-70L for the new 5D?

Started Aug 27, 2008 | Discussions thread
GazzaJagman Senior Member • Posts: 2,217
I like it :-)

You'll gain a stop of iso ability between your 30d and the current 5D, and the rumoured 5D(what ever) replacement is said to improve that figure by another stop and a half. I'd taje a faster shutter speed due to fast aperture or higher ISO over an IS unit any day.

I don't think that you'll miss your IS unit at all. What you notice is that the FF lenses are a lot bigger and cumbersome than their 1.6x crop counterparts.

I've been a full framer for 3 years and I wouldn't look back. I re-adjusted my lens collection to suit the full frame format and I'm very happy with it, although I miss the increased reach. But I perefer the thinner DOF that full frame offers.

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