Here's hoping the D90 kills 50D, 450D etc. sales this holiday season!

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Re: Here's hoping the D90 kills 50D, 450D etc. sales this holiday season!

KALEL33 wrote:

larsbc wrote:

Yet the majority of people get by with their hatchbacks and sedans
that carry a moderate amount of luggage or people.

So, your logic is that 4x4 enthusiasts would be fine with a crossover
SUV because it can do anything...

I'm saying that for your typical SUV buyer, a 4Runner, Pathfinder, etc is perfectly adequate. For that matter, I'll bet the majority of people who have bought a Rubicon or Mercedes G-Wagen because they thought they needed it or because they were buying into the image rather than for their actual needs don't even come close to requiring locking differentials.

..only not as good as a Jeep Rubicon
that doesn't carry much, rough riding, but tackles rocks and mud like
a champ.

Actually, a 4-door Rubicon has the same or greater interior room than an FJ Cruiser or Jeep Liberty. (I had a couple of loaners from Daimler to write-up a vehicle review.)

BTW, Rubicons are great but the skidplate used for that 4:1 tcase is way too low. Even stock Rubicons need a couple of inches of lift.

Analogies can be a confusing thing to argue but to get back to it, my point was that not everyone needs a dedicated freezer. Generally speaking, the majority get by with compromise products. And IMO the D90 isn't aimed at the hardcore shooters. For them, they've got the D300/D700/D3.

For the advanced amateurs on a budget, well, if they want improved high ISO performance, then they can swallow their pride and buy the D90 and pretend it doesn't have video recording capability. I don't use auto bracketing on my D300 but I don't complain that it's there.


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