D90's movie function Positive or negative?

Started Aug 27, 2008 | Discussions thread
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Lack of pro audio for one thing

Lindsayhunter wrote:

Have you seen the movie samples?


I am afraid there is more to movie making than just picture quality. The limited dof capability is absolutely awesome and 720p is definitely a good start but the lack of audio options (mono only & no external input options for pro microphones/mixers etc) is a killer for a lot of video camera operators. Audio is by far the hardest aspect of video production to get right IMHO and I have been a video cameraman for about 20 years.

1080p + Pro audio options + a dedicated Video CODEC like Cineform and it will wipe the floor with MOST if not all PROSUMER camcorders. Its a promising glimpse into the future of DSLR's tho and I am very excited at the prospects for filmaking given the rapid pace of technology uptake these days.

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