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Re: LStar?

Is there any
advantage in using this profile with Adobe Camera Raw?

No. ACR/LR provide renditions that are not based on Nikon colorimetry, and you will be running into all the relative colorimetric limitations. I think we all know what that means.

The point of the profile I suggest is that it matches Nikon colorimetry. Even BetaRGB is not encompassing the gamut Nikon render through NX. So to preserve the colours NX is providing there are really 2 output colour space options: ProPhoto which is extremely excessive for the case - or - the profile I suggest, which holds the Nikon colours and nothing more. The conversion to this profile in NX runs smoothly, without adding noise and plugging shadows, because it is matched not only to Nikon colorimetry but to Nikon internal processing.

I see from the name, it is an L*

Such profiles have the benefit of not converting luminosity, as it is more or less as simple as copying L data; thus not adding noise, especially important - to shadows. Compression L* provides wastes less space in highlights, and gives more of it to shadows. There is nothing really to discuss here - we see direct practical benefits from using such profiles in raw converters. The naysayers usually do not see the value of editing in Lab too; and ignore the problems Lab have - like a math error in the standard. I also do not see them promoting perceptually uniform Lab, thus depriving users from correct edits of colour, including saturation bumps. They still do not provide us with means to process floating point Lab files and hold on implementation of floating point CMMs. They simply are not aware of the importance of CMM when it comes to noise in digital imaging; and they do not listen.

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