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Re: OK, Now here's a dilemma for you...

Great question. In the example, I would go with Video!

For two reasons. One, sure Wee all want that 12mp image that might get on the cover of times. But let's face it. The same video might be seen with 100 million viewers vs. 10 million on print.

Two, stills are great for capturing human emotion and in the example you provided a video might tell a better story. Now if was shooting the aftermath, then I might stick with stills. The same with if I was shooting the Olympics. For One, I would not be able to shoot video (which could raise another issue) and two stills will be great for capture that moment of victory or defeat. Joy and sadness the way a motion picture never can.

Suntan wrote:

semorg wrote:

I know some of you might say, who cares about video. The fact is,
journalism is changing and every outfit is asking their journalist to
carry a video or become familiar with it. Single images will always
be special in their power, but the world wants to see video.

I agree, how many times have they shown the ATM (or possibly
Quicki-Mart security) footage of that bridge in Minneapolis falling
because that was the only footage available of it?

Ok so now a few years down the road you have a PJ caliber SLR that is
also capable of taking 1080P broadcast quality clips ready for the
opening sequence of the national evening news and you are presented
with a once in a lifetime sequence of events that unfolds right in
front of you.

Do you switch it to stills, or video?


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