To the D90 video critics...

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Re: To the D90 video critics...

As an enthusiast filmmaker, the d-movie mode is fantastic -- something I've been dreaming of for years. The difference between P&S movie modes (and even small sensor dedicated HD video cams, like the Canon HV & HF series) and this new Nikon movie mode is precisely the same as the difference between P&S still mode and DSLR still mode, and just as significant, for all the same reasons. Why do you use a DSLR for stills? Primary reasons are much larger sensor and interchangeable lenses, better light sensitivity, better detail, and expression with varying lens choice. You can't get these features in a video camera for less than $3000, not including the glass, and even then the sensor size is much smaller than the D90. Oh, and they're the size and weight of a microwave. Believe me, people spend upwards of $1000 and many hours converting their small sensor Canon HV20s to take SLR lenses (vibrating ground glass plates, image reversers, etc), even while losing several stops of light and manual focus. To have both in one body will be an immense tool for creative people.

I have a hard time understanding all of the vehement and angry disdain of such features. Some seem to think a movie-mode relegates DSLRs to the world of gimmicky camera-phones. But the difference between movies on a P&S (let alone a camera-phone) and that on the D90 will be the same as the difference in still-image quality. No gimmicks, no dumbing-down, just an evolution of capability. Serious tools for serious artists.

And it's misguided to think that movies somehow detract from the still-capabilities of the camera. The 50D (and others) are already capturing an HD stream, ready to output via HDMI to your TV via live-view -- why not record it on your card? Seems like something that might even be added to the 50D via a firmware update (though I'm sure Canon would never approve of this).

Just wait until the "R" in DSLR starts to disappear (micro 4/3rds is only the beginning), then we'll really hear the hollering about the end of photography. And anyone recall the interview with Canon's director of R&D last year? Aside from getting rid of pentaprisms all together, he also spoke of liquid lensing systems that would do away with glass all together. I can see the forums ablaze -- "Lenses have to be made of GLASS!" "SLRs have to have viewfinders!" "Serious still cameras don't capture video!" Not necessarily. And not for long.

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