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Re: LStar?

Iliah Borg wrote:

This profile does not waist space, nor does it clips colours - it is
tailored to cover exactly the same gamut of colours Nikon designed in
all current cameras. Profile may need further tuning - please report
any issues.

First, you need to install it into the system, then to switch it on
in NX Preferences, Color Management and check the box "Use this
instead of embedded profile" and relaunch the application.


I downloaded the profile, but have not used it yet. Is there any advantage in using this profile with Adobe Camera Raw? Since ACR does not support the profile directly, one would have to convert from ProPhotoRGB, preferably 16 bit I would think.

I see from the name, it is an L* (based on the luminance of CIE Lab rather than gamma). I brought up this topic on the luminous landscape forum after having read a European article on using LStar for museum photography. Various American experts such as Andrew Rodney said L* was a solution in search of a problem. Maybe it doesn't work on American machines or possibly just not invented here?

Bill Janes

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