D90's movie function Positive or negative?

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Re: Unbelievably Cool

Hal Fisher wrote:

I need to know this so why do you say manual focus is "no big deal"?

I should qualify that. If you want any of the following:

"snap shot" type of movies...
"record button only" type of movies
"I just want it to make movies" type of movies

then maybe it's not for you. Maybe it is just a pain. BUT, if you are a motion picture artist, starving or otherwise, filmmaker-wannabe, filmmaking student, etc., then this is a very cool idea.

Most serious movie-making or shooting is done with manual focus anyway -- that's why it doesn't matter to this sort of crowd.

Think about it this way: the D90 (and D80, and D300, and D200, and F100) appealed to a more sophisticated crowd of photographer. This is not the point-and-shoot type of photographer, even if they are not pros. THINK ABOUT WHAT THEY CARE ABOUT.

Now apply that same mentality to the D90's video capability. NOT THE POINTAND SHOOT videographer that only cares about (1) the record button, (2) Wideangle rocker button and (3) the Telephoto rocker button.

The more creative, sophisticated film maker cares about the same sort of things as the more sophisticated still photographer: control. That's why manual focus is not a big deal, but the new found depth of field using an APS sized sensor and fast Nikkor glass would be a very big deal. None of the under $2,000 video cameras out there have anything like this.

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