Video without AF?

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MF will be *EASIER*

brightcolours wrote:

This is NOT a usable video solution for the unsuspecting DSLR
consumer. The lack in AF makes it only usable for certain niche

And that is what Karin was meaning. ESPECIALLY the shallow depth of
field will make focussing a headache. Put your camera to MF and
notice yourself trying to find focus. Headache video weekends galore.
Fear the father and mother in law video sittings!

I came back from the dead just to reply to this:

I am AMAZED at this video capability. I thought it was stupid at first. But wait - what other camcorder on the market brings interchangable lenses and an APS-C size sensor for around $1000?? I watched the sample clips and WOW.

In direct reply to you and everyone talking about how MF is going to ruin the feature:

It is exactly the opposite. First, MF on consumer camcorders is a joke. Professionals shooting the kinds of tools that produce this quality of output (depth of field and light sensitivity, plus interchangable lenses) all use MF anyway. Hunting AF ruins everything.

And my final point which cannot be understated:

To all of you likening the ease (or lack thereof) of MF when doing still photography - critical focus is MUCH easier to achieve at the lower resolution of 720p versus the native still photo output. MF will be several times EASIER, not to mention the eye's lower sensitivity to focus on moving pictures. Again, I am amazed here...enough to come out of hibernation. I still like the D300 but the D90 just might make me side line my D70s. Finally. D200 didn't, nor did the D80.

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