D90 movie function is a game changer!!!

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$10000 features in sub $1000 body

It cost HIGH dollar to achieve shallow DOF, manual focus, lens interchangeability in a pro video camera. A mere look at the pricetag of pro video lenses can hurt your eye. Even if you have the money you only have so few to choose from. Now Nikon brought this to a sub-$1k DSLR. You can now control DOF, precise focus, shoot movie with your 300/2.8 or macro or fisheye to achieve effects that make indie movie makers drool. The game is totally changed.

But it's not an easy decision for canon and sony, as they still want to sell their consumer camcorders. To Nikon who has no business in video market, they are only limited by their innovation and production power.


semorg wrote:

D90 movie mode is a game changer and will alter the future of SLR.

I've been a canon user since 1993 when I bought my A2e. Canon seem to
always push the innovation button from that day on, but lately I
think they are getting a bit complacent. I hope in a few weeks I am
proven wrong, but am sad that Canon is sticking with the same formula
of adding incremental pixels every release cycle instead of thinking
out of the box.

They were behind in sensor cleaning technology, They got behind in
high iso feature and now, they seem to completely missed the boat on

I know some of you might say, who cares about video. The fact is,
journalism is changing and every outfit is asking their journalist to
carry a video or become familiar with it. Single images will always
be special in their power, but the world wants to see video.

D90 has it's limitation with pre-focusing and audio quality. It seems
to me nikon is testing the waters with video with this model. If they
see an uptake due to video, you can bit your retirement that their
next camera will build up on this, with mic in connectors, and live

I also predict D90 will change the indi movie world and put a huge
damper on the RED company. Many indi movie makers love HD but don't
like the deep DOF and long for the shallow DOP of 35 film. Guess
what? They got their wish for less than $1000 on a system that
already has numerous amount of quality lenses.

Some of you may not know, but many inspiring movie makers have
resorted to buying a ground glass adapters which enable usage of 35mm
lenses in a way it retains the DOF. It works by having the 35mm lens
project their image on a ground glass the same way it projects it on
a film plane. For anyone who has used a view camera you know what I
mean. Then the HD video captures the projected (which is inverted)
image and retains the DOF of projected image. The result is a soft
(because of ground glass) but film like DOF. These contraptions
alone costs $1000 plus and they never allow the full quality of
original lens shine through.

Just imagine the possibilities of this for any inspiring movie maker.
All you need is 2-3 of these cameras, external sound capture and a
few nice glasses and you create images that in look and feel would
match $20,000 + cameras.

Though this might be a small market, but not the less it will be game
changer in indi movie and will secondary spill over effect to Nikon

The other use I see for this, is for underwater guys. Now you just
need one housing to capture high quality underwater images and videos.

I'll wait and see a bit to see what Canon comes up with. If I don't
see anything, I might just buy a Nikon and a kit lens (in addition
to my Canon gear) for the video function alone.

Now I'll wait for your attacks

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