Output profile for Nikon Capture NX

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Re: Output profile for Nikon Capture NX

Iliah Borg wrote:
Dear John,

The reason to convert to sRGB in Capture vs. Photoshop / other is if
you're trying to have an all-in-one solution

I understand this perfectly well, but trying to stay away from
"all-in-ones". Have you tried Tools > “Match to Profile" in Preview?
That should not add too much hops.

If that does not work for you the only thing I can do is to send a
bug report. You know well I hope it can take a year for them to react
with an action to cover the bug.

Or just not use this profile, since NX2 works just fine with any other

I did verify, this is the only post-2.2 ICC profile I have on my system. All others work correctly (including an L-Star profile that was 2.2), so I'll bet it's an issue with NX2 and ICC4 profiles (possibly in combo with ColorSync, as you point out).

In any case, thanks for the help. I'll just pass on this one,

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