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Re: 1D-MkII for now

Jay Adeff wrote:

Unfortunately, I will be competing this sports season with people who
now have cameras that are much more capable than my MkII in very
dimly lit arenas. That's going to cause me problems with my
photo-editor who just upgraded to a D3, and other clients who will be
expecting cleaner images than I can deliver. The MkII at 3200 ISO is
not good, and 6400 ISO isn't even an option.

Even at ISO 1600, the 1dmkII struggles unless the image is exposed perfectly. Usually, the images are good enough for newspapers and some magazines but not a whole lot else. I feel your pain.

I also had a Rebel XT, XTi, 10D, and 20D. None of them could hold a
candle to the 1D for autofocus speed and accuracy. In fact, right
after I got my second-hand MkII, I traded my three year old 20D for
the original 1D. I'll take the superior seven-year-old 1D over the
point-and-pray XXD cameras any day.

Positively. I was hoping that Canon would have upgraded the AF in the 50d so at least it would have been an option to consider. Ever shoot a moving sequence like a drive to the hoop with an xxd? It's laughable.

I don't think Canon aimed the 50D at the D300. In fact, I don't
think Canon aims any of its cameras directly at Nikon models. I
think they aim them above or below. The 50D will fall somewhere
between the D300 and the yet-to-be-announced D90. It has higher
resolution than the D300, but the D300 has better AF and up to 8fps.
Similarly, the 5D-MkII will not be aimed directly at the D700. It
will have higher resolution, but the D700 will have better AF and
higher optional frame rate.

In many ways, you are right. But one could grab a D300, take it to a gym and with the right glass produce fantastic pictures. I think the 50d would struggle more under similar circumstances. At least on the surface it seems that Nikon is producing cameras with greater shootng applications than Canon at the moment. Frankly, I don't care if a camera has 12 or 15 MP - I need accurate AF, fast frame rate and high ISO capabilities. Nikon seems to understand that, Canon doesn't.

Either I stick with the MkII until the MkIV comes out, and in the
meantime risk loosing low-light sports jobs to people with superior
equipment, or I seriously consider switching to the Nikon D700.

That's what many people are dealing with. Take a financial hit now by selling all of your glass/equipment or hope that Canon gets it in gear.

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