I demand a movie mode!

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Re: I demand a movie mode!

GreenPig wrote:

If you really want movie mode you have two options .... go and buy a
dedicated video camera or get a Nikon D90 (when it hits the shelves)

  • the first DSLR with movie mode. Just be ready with spare memory


Most (if not all) camcorders record in interlaced format (ie 1080i for HD). However, most (if not all) HD displays (TVs, computer) play progressive format (ie 720p or 1080p). So, the interlaced recordings must be converted to progressive format to display them. That causes the two half frames taken 1/60 sec apart to be merged into one frame. The result is blurred motion.

Most still cameras that record HD video do it in progressive format. So no blurred motion but they have been high noise devices (apparently caused by the CCD sensor) and they are typically over compressed to suit the recording memory.

I see that the Nikon D90 uses a CMOS sensor unlike the D80, D60, etc. That's good but what's up with the 24fps? Also, it remains to be seen what their compression will do to quality.

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