I demand a movie mode!

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It's innevitable.

It's not IF, it's WHEN.

The naysayers can cry all they want and tout this or that technical hurdle. But, in the end they will be left pouting in their beer.

All video is, when it comes down to it, is a series of still images with very low overhead synced audio.

What it will ULTIMATELY lead to is low-cost 3-chip still cameras... and, that is going to rock the camera world as sharpness and color becomes so much more accurate and nuanced by being able to throw away all the artifacts and algorythms used in constructing images from Bayer Pattern chips.

subukt wrote:

Now you see, when there will be a live view... there will be a movie
mode, as it is just capturing it to card instead just outputing it to

All the haters of it can buy some stock of older cameras, so they can
still feel pro by not having the movie mode.

To the rest of us, next Canon in this class must support a movie
mode! At best with manual controls that we are used to when shooting

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