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Re: Speaking of fixed focus...

Doug Pardee wrote:

At least according to Rob Galbraith, the D90 is pretty limited in
movie mode:

• fixed focus or manual focus only
• aperture priority only, f/8 max f-number (minimum aperture)
• preset WB only, no AWB and no changing WB during filming
• no digital zoom, but lens zoom of course works
• very limited audio capture

The thing is, for high quality film work you often dont use any of this. You dont use AF because you dont want the focus to shift around.
You want to control the DOF - no aperture shifting in a scene,
You dont want the exposure to change during a scene - you can lock it.
You dont want the WB to shift during a scene.
You capture audio with a separate device.

Look at a real motion picture and try see if they use AF, AWB or auto-exposure in a scene.

Ref for above:

Wot, no Raw movies????

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